February 27, 2011

Keep up the good work

My new neighbour at work and I are the same age and grew up within the same 5km radius, coincidentally.  We've peeked out of our cubicles to chat enough that I know that he and his wife are smack dab in the middle of the same thick as we are - raising young school-aged children.  My post-dismissal phone conversations (or rants, rather) with my kids are eerily familiar to him, I'm told.

During the usual "What are you doing this weekend?" Friday exchange, he shared that he was taking his wife out to dinner after work and needed to find a good florist near the office.  He doesn't know how she does "it", but she deserves the evening out for everything she does to keep the family machine running.  This led to a great convo about marriage, books we've read about it, and how to be a good partner.  He is aware that their individual emotional needs differ from each other, made the effort to learn what hers were, and works to meet them.  It creates a healthy balance where she is satisfied and happy to reciprocate.

Gold star to you, neighbour, for still striving to be a good husband in your seventh year of marriage.  Keep up the good work.